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The village has seen a lo

t of changes in recent years, and has a long and interesting history. A map from around 1885 shows the Red Lodge Pub and not much else other than the Red Lodge Warren. The latter dates back much further and was part of the old warren lands  of Freckenham Manor.

In 1248, Henry III granted Richard de Wendover, Bishop of Rochester, the right of Free Warren in Freckenham, which meant that he could hunt pheasant, partridge, hare and rabbit.

In 1815, the area was a rabbit farm, with a warren bank enclosing the warren and producing  rabbits for meat and fur. In 1794, the warren covered 450 acres and, by 1918, 133 acres  remained. Much of this was sold in 1926 for the building of Red Lodge village, which occurred over the next 10 years. Further building within the village in the 1980s was followed by the addition of the Millennium Centre.

Developers have completed the development of Kings Warren and the new Sports Pavilion opened in January 2011.

Red Lodge now has its own primary school, St Christopher's. For further information on the school please contact www.stcprimary.suffolk.sch.uk